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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake
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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Now what? Planning your wedding is an exciting time full of little details and options to consider. It’s easy to get swept up in choosing the…

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Solar Eclipse Cake

Solar Eclipse Cake In celebration of the full solar eclipse, we have made a sphere shaped cake and placed the solar glasses on it. Be sure to be safe wearing…

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Castle Wedding Cake

Fairytale weddings are every girls dream. This bride wanted a castle wedding cake to go with her theme that took place at The Castle in Angier, NC Barclay Villa. The…

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Turquoise wedding cake

James and Melida Hunter celebrated their wedding day at The Garden on Millbrook in Raleigh, NC. The wedding cake was a 3 tier cake with gold filigree designs on the…

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Jeweled Wedding Cake

This jeweled wedding cake was iced in fondant with added texture and edible jewels on the middle tier. The top tier was made with pearl sprinkles.  The bottom tier was…

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Ruffles Ruffles Ruffles

Megan and Phillip had their wedding at the Hudson Manor in Louisburg, NC. Their wedding cake had three tiers, with ruffles on the top and bottom tier with a quilted pattern…

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How to Decorate a Cake Naked

Naked Wedding Cake How to decorate a cake naked is really decorating a naked cake, meaning no icing on the outside. I am finding that a lot of brides are…

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Silhouette Wedding Cake

Silhouette Wedding Cake This Silhouette wedding cake was made for Daniel and Emily Burgos who were married October 18, 2014 and had their wedding reception at the Belt Line Station,…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Cake

Breast Cancer Awareness We Honor: the winners the losers  and those still fighting the battle. Written by Jan Stewart. We all  have a friend or family member that  cancer has…

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Rustic Country Wedding Cake

Greg and Ruzin De Deugd were married June 8, 2014. Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception was held at Shady Wagon Farm located at New Hill, NC near Chapel Hill,…

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